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What It Takes to Find the Perfect Restaurant

We took a look at the top HoneySpot profiles and here's what a top user has to say about what it takes to find the perfect restaurant

Here’s what our top HoneySpot user has to say…

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I don’t know about you, but the notepad on my iPhone isFILLED with restaurant lists and recommendations. It’s like my go to HIT list for any place I’ve been dying to check out or don’t want to forget. For example, has anyone been to AuCheval in Chicago? They have the most delicious burger I have every tried in my entire life. The place was cozy and inviting... perfect for setting for the windy city. After I left Chicago, I couldn’t remember the name of this amazing spot for the life of me! I was so frustrated. Once I found it again...guess what I did? I immediately added it to my NOTES!!

Fast forward two years later when I discovered HoneySpot. It was like my restaurant dreams came true! HoneySpot allows me to organize my restaurant list in a way I just couldn’t before. Long were the days of shared google docs, emails and lost text messages with recommendations. I was able to input all my favorite restaurants around the world and write down exactly what my favorite items on the menu were… never risking the chance of forgetting a “honeyspot”again… haha see what I did there J

Once I started adding restaurants, it’s like I couldn’t stop. I spent almost two hours adding places I loved. It took me down memory lane that’s for sure. Then it got even better because I invited my friends to download the app and that’s when magic really happened. They surpassed my number of HoneySpot’s and that just wasn’t cool. So, I added more! Every time I opened the app I saw a friend post about a place I had forgotten about and immediately added it, too (it’s that easy). It was so much fun to see how many places we had in common.

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Since the app divides restaurants by city I got to see faraway places I never knew about. It felt like I was traveling throughHoneySpot… almost makes you want to plan a trip just to check out the amazing restaurants my friends on the app were recommending. You know how some people take pride in having a passport filled with stamps? Well, I guess you can say that’s how I feel about HoneySpot, except that I get to track cities AND restaurants. So! If you’re looking for apps to find restaurants when traveling, look no further.

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Living in Miami, at least once every week I get the text,“Hey do you know of any new places in Wynwood.” Before I would literally have copy and paste from my notes but now all I have to do is send my profile onHoneySpot. That way they could see my favorite dishes and insights about the restaurant - like if it’s cash only, reservation required and/or if it’s better to Uber rather than drive because of parking.

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When I opted into the app I started receiving emails from the HoneySpot team inviting me to exclusive events featuring top restaurants and chefs with one off collaborations. The events are cool because they practically bring HoneySpot to life. The best part is leaving with deals and gift cards to my favorite restaurants in Miami.

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Personally, I consider HoneySpot best restaurant finder app out there. If food is your passion then you definitely want to try this out!Especially if you’re like me and get a kick out of being the first to know of anew and exciting place. All in all, HoneySpot makes it fun and easy to find restaurants nearby and faraway. Feel free to follow me on the app – my handle is @cyndihad.

Catch you at the next event =)